Cavalier Corporation was formed and listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange in 1984. However, a part of the origins of Cavalier Corporation go back to 1959 when Doug Bremner founded the Bremworth Carpet Company and set up a small factory in Papatoetoe, South Auckland. Within a few years, Bremworth began exporting its wool carpets to Australia. 

In 1964, the official Woolmark symbol was launched, and the following year Bremworth became the world's first carpet company entitled to use the Woolmark seal of quality. That same year, Bremworth also became one of the first to advertise on New Zealand television - and its dominant use of this medium over the ensuing years helped establish the Bremworth brand as a household name, and subsequently Cavalier Bremworth.

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In 1967, UEB Industries, one of New Zealand's biggest corporations at the time, bought Bremworth and proceeded to establish spinning and scouring plants around the country.

Five years later in 1972, Cavalier Carpets of New Zealand was founded by Tony Timpson and Grant Biel. A spinning plant was built in Wanganui in 1975 and in 1984 Cavalier Carpets listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange as Cavalier Corporation.

1988 saw the purchase by Cavalier Carpets of Bremworth's spinning and tufting plants including the much valued Bremworth name.  The combined companies relaunched under the Cavalier Bremworth brand in 1991.

In 1996 Knightsbridge Carpets (New Zealand)and Kimberley Carpets (Australia) were launched as broadloom carpet brands to target the mid to lower end of the residential market and the Tramore brand was introduced as a small range of synthetic broadloom carpets for the commercial market.

In 2000 the company announced a joint venture wool scouring operation in Napier with David Ferrier and in the same year launched the very successful designer Bremworth Collection brand. 

2002 saw the company expand further, taking an 88% stake in Sydney-based Ontera Modular Carpets.  This was later increased to 97%. Ontera has since been sold to Milliken in September 2015 and is no longer a part of Cavalier Corporation.

In early 2008, the company acquired a 70% stake in Auckland carpet-maker Norman Ellison Carpets.  This stake was increased to 100% in early 2012. 

In 2009 Cavalier sold down its holding in the wool scour and now has a half-share in Cavalier Woolscourers.   It bought a 75% stake in Christchurch felted yarn company Radford Felted Yarn Technologies in early 2011 and the remaining 25% in December 2012.

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