Radford Felted Yarn

Radford Felted Yarn is the world leader in felted yarn technology. Founded in 1992 by Woody Radford, the company was initially set up as a manufacturer of apparel and other novel and exotic yarns.  It has since grown to become a highly-respected producer of premium felted wool yarns which are sold to high-end rug and carpet makers around the world.

Radford Felted Yarn was one of the first companies in the world to commercialise continuous felting technology. Felting is achieved by subjecting woollen slivers to axial forces as they are drawn through a temperature-controlled felting liquor.  This allows for a wide range of yarn styles and types to be produced that cannot be replicated using conventional yarn spinning methods. As a result, these unique-looking yarns are able to support the highly distinctive looking wool carpets and rugs which are particularly well suited for the premium end of the market.

Radford Felted Yarn is now part of the Cavalier Group following the acquisition of 100% of the company in 2012 and today operates out of a state-of-the-art yarn felting facility in Wanganui supplying felted yarns to Cavalier Carpets and a selected number of customers overseas.

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