Cavalier Bremworth & Norman Ellison Carpets

Cavalier Corporation operates two broadloom carpet businesses – Cavalier Bremworth and Norman Ellison Carpets. These are both managed under the Cavalier Carpets operating division.

Cavalier Bremworth is positioned as 'New Zealand's pure wool carpet maker' while its designer Bremworth Collection is defined as 'luxury New Zealand wool carpet'.  In March 2013 the company also launched another 'endorsed brand' called Habitat Collection which offers high quality synthetic carpets for the residential market.        

Norman Ellison Carpets manufactures a range of wool, wool-blend and synthetic carpets from the same tufting site as Cavalier Bremworth in Auckland.   The company has distribution and sales operations in New Zealand and Australia.

Norman Ellison Carpets has recently been the subject of a brand refresh and has absorbed the products that formerly sat under Knightsbridge (NZ) and Kimberley (Australia).  This alignment and simplification of the brands and product portfolios has allowed for much greater market coverage.

The two carpet brands are serviced by Cavalier Carpets' yarn spinning plants in Napier and Wanganui and a carpet tufting plant in Auckland.  Cavalier Carpets has major distribution centres in Auckland and Sydney and sales offices throughout New Zealand and Australia. 

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