Restructure of Cavalier Carpets broadloom carpet business

2 October 2015

In response to the necessity to downsize and streamline the corporate structure following the recent sale of the Ontera tile manufacturing operation, Brent Wollaston - Chief Executive Officer of the Cavalier Carpets broadloom carpet business - will be stepping down from his role effective 31 October 2015.

The Company takes this opportunity to thank Brent for his contribution to Cavalier over the past three years.

The new structure, which will take effect immediately, will include the appointment of a General Manager Manufacturing for the broadloom carpet operation to assume some of Brent’s responsibilities. The recruitment process to fill this position has just been completed, and we are pleased to advise the appointment of Craig Wallis to this role.

The new structure will also see all broadloom carpet and yarn sales, manufacturing, marketing and product development reporting direct to the Chief Executive Officer, Cavalier Corporation.

Paul Alston

Chief Executive Officer

For and on behalf of the Board of Directors


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