Retirement of Director

Cavalier Corporation Limited announce that Graeme Hawkins will be retiring as a Director with effect from 31 March 2016.

Graeme has had a long history with the Company, joining the Board in 1998 and serving as Chairman of the Board’s Audit Committee since 2010.

The Board takes this opportunity to record its appreciation to Graeme for his insight, experience and significant contribution to the Company over many years and particularly his invaluable support in recent challenging times.

Following Graeme’s retirement, the Board will comprise four independent Directors, with tenure of between eight months and four years, and one non-independent Director. This completes the Board’s plan for change to its composition as outlined at the Annual Meeting of shareholders in November.

Appointment of Chairman of the Audit Committee

Steve Bootten has been appointed as the Chairman of the Audit Committee with effect from 31 March 2016.


For and on behalf of the Board of Directors,

Sarah Haydon


18 March 2016

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