Cavalier Bremworth introduces new TV campaign

31 July 2012

Cavalier Bremworth is back on television screens with a new campaign to help consumers understand the true benefits of wool carpet.

tvc sheep for fb

Using the key theme of "it's passed the toughest tests before it was a carpet" the four animated ads focus on the key messages that research showed had the biggest impact on carpet buyers

They are:

  •  Fire resistance
  • Natural stain resistance
  • Warmth and dryness
  • Durability

While the ads are only short 15 second animated commercials, Cavalier Bremworth's marketing manager Desiree Keown says they will do a lot to help increase visibility of the brand and to help consumers fully understand why wool is such a fabulous carpet fibre.

The campaign has been preceded by a focused effort to increase wool messaging at point-of-sale with a 'Meet the Experts' campaign rolled out into store earlier this year. This used seven 'expert sheep' to help sell the various benefits of wool.

You can view the first two commercials on the Cavalier Bremworth website here.