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Ontera Modular Carpets

Sydney-based Ontera Modular Carpets is one of Australasia's leading manufacturers and marketers of synthetic carpet tiles for the commercial market.  It has sales operations in Australia and New Zealand – in New Zealand jointly serviced by the Cavalier Carpets contract sales team.

Innovative product development and investment in digital production technology allows the company to operate flexibly and efficiently with custom design services and just-in-time manufacturing.

The company has taken a leading position on sustainability and applies a 'whole of life' approach to everything that it does.  This has resulted in reductions of more than 40% in the amount of gas, electricity and water required to make modular carpet, a reduction of landfill waste by more than 25% and an increase in recycled content of more than 50%. Ontera has pioneered a unique product take-back and reuse process called Earthplus; to date over 175,000m2 (approx 875 tonnes) have been diverted from landfill.

Ontera's products are recognised under the Environmental Classification Scheme run by the Carpet Institute of Australia and contribute maxmum credit points under key categories for Green Star buildings. 

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