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Results of Annual Meeting of shareholders

Cavalier Corporation Limited advises that shareholders resolved at the Annual Meeting of shareholders held at 10 am on Tuesday, 24 November 2015 as follows.

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Chief Executive Officer's address - 24 November 2015 Annual Meeting of shareholders

Thank you, Sarah. Good morning, everyone.

First, a quick reminder of the Group's operations and principal activities, comprising:


•       Broadloom carpets – sold under the Cavalier Bremworth and Normal Ellison brands


•       Until recently, carpet tiles under the Ontera brand


•       The Elco Direct wool procurement business


•       The Radford felted yarn operation, and


•       A 50% interest in Cavalier Wool Holdings, a commission wool scouring business


The focus of my address to you today will be:


•       2015 performance


•       The abnormal costs incurred during that year


•       Our focus for the last few months, and


•       Our future plans

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Chairman's address - 24 November 2015 Annual Meeting of shareholders

Thank you, Paul.

The year to June 2015 proved to be another challenging year for Cavalier. It involved some major decision points for the Group as we continued to adapt to an ever changing environment.

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Appointment of Chief Executive Officer

The Directors of Cavalier Corporation are pleased to confirm the appointment of Paul Alston to the role of Chief Executive Officer.

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